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Hong Kong Investment Immigrant


Application of Permanent Residence Permit in a Third Country and the Process of Applying for Hong Kong Investment Immigrant ID Card

(The application acceptance is suspended as of January 15, 2015)


Application of Permanent Residence Permit in a third country

Handling Procedures: After all the materials are complete, it will take about18 days to get

Permanent Residence Permit in a third country

1. Signing of contract

2. Signing of the application form

3. Copies that the applicant is required to provide:

● Passport of each person (each page on the passport, including the blank page)

● Gate Pass of each person (only photo page and signature page are needed)

● Front and back of each person's ID card

● Marriage Certificate and Notarial Certificate of Marriage (both in Chinese and English)

● Children’s Birth Certificate and Notarial Certificate of Birth (both in Chinese and English)

● Household Register of each person

● 8 two-inch photos with full face and white background of each person


In addition, the procedures of applying for Hong Kong investment immigration are as follows:

1. After the  Permanent Residence Permit in a third country is got, the application for Hong Kong investment immigration can be made.

Application qualification: the principal applicant always has the assets with the equivalent amount of HKD10,000,000.00 in the previous 24 months before the application is submitted.

2. After the application is submitted, it will take about 12 months to get the approval in principal. Applicant invests HKD10,000,000.00 in the investment projects designated by Hong Kong government within 6 months as of the date of approval in principal including stocks, funds, bonds or deposit certificates, and relevant documentary evidence needs to be presented.

3. After the investment is completed, the applicant needs to notify Hong Kong Immigration Department, and the financial intermediaries also will report to Hong Kong Immigration Department; Hong Kong Immigration Department will spend about 2 months to verify the investment project. After the verification is completed, formal approval will be issued.
   4. After the formal approval, the applicant will get Hong Kong Entry Permit Visa and needs to enter Hong Kong within 3 months as of the visa issuance date. And the applicant can stay in Hong Kong for two years as of the entry date. Within one month as of the entry date, the applicant will apply for Hong Kong resident identification card and then formally become Hong Kong resident.


The service charge for applying for the Permanent Residence Permit in a third country and applying for Hong Kong Investment Immigration:

RMB150,000.00 (including the couple and children below 18 years old)


Note: Hong Kong Residence Visa needs to be renewed every 2 years. And relevant followed-up services and other service charges will be quoted separately.


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