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[Malaysia: My Second Homeland] Investment Settlement Plan


Malaysia is the famous tourist attraction in the Southeast Asia with an area of about 330,000 square km, is composed of the east Malaysia in Malay Peninsula and the west Malaysia north to Borneo. The local weather is warm in the whole year with sufficient rains.

It has a population of about 26 million, most of them are Malaysians, 1/3 of them are Chinese. Malay is the main language, and English is also prevalent. The Islam is the state religion of Malaysia; the local people enjoy freedom of religion, and the individual religion is also respected.

The legal tender of Malaysia is MYR (RM), one dollar equals to MYR3.4. The local living expenses belongs to the lower level compared to other Asian countries.

[Malaysia: my second homeland] investment immigration plan is started by Malaysian government, and welcomes the people who meet with the special conditions to apply. The applicants can go to Malaysia with family members and a family servant. The applicant who succeeds in applying can get ten years’ right of residence. During this time, the free access is allowed, and the preferences for owning housing, cars and tax benefits are enjoyed. When the 10 year right of residence expires, the applicant can apply for the continuance of residence to the Malaysian government.

The requirements for application fund:
The applicant can choose any bank in Malaysia, or the branch of foreign bank in Malaysia to deposit money. This deposit needs to be in bank at least one year, later a large part of this deposit can be withdrawn as investment.
 People under the age of 50 need to own
(i) Proof of at least flow capital of MYR500,000.00 and offshore income of MYR10,000.00
(ii) The fixed deposit of at least MYR300,000.00 and not less than MYR10,000 of income/month
(One year later, a fixed deposit of MYR150,000 at most can be withdrawn; at other times at least 150,000 ringgit needs to be deposited in banks)
 People aged 50 or above need to own
(i) Proof of current assets of MYR350,000, or proof of MYR10,000.00/month pension approved by government
(ii) A least MYR150,000.00 fixed deposit and monthly income not less than MYR10,000.00 (One year later, at most MYR50,000.00 fixed deposit can be withdrawn, at other times at least 100,000.00 ringgit needs to be deposited in banks)

The income documents include salary tax receipt, company certificate, the bank's auto transfer records and so on. In addition to salary, bank interest, pension, property income and so on can also be taken as incomes to be calculated.

Application procedures
1. Submit application form and relevant documents
2. Get conditional approval
3. Go to Malaysia to handle the procedures within 3 months after the conditional approval, and do well in the following before starting off:
● Purchase medical insurance
● Open fixed deposit
● Prepare the promissory note as the visa fee
● Determine the setting out date and time
4. Apply for visa after arriving in Malaysia (2-5 days)
● Have the physical examination in the appointed infirmary
● Get the residence permit and multiple exit and entry certificate

Documents required
Please submit the following documents:
● Individual applicant:
 Application Letter
 Application Form
 Copy of the applicant's resume (including: educational background, work experience, professional knowledge and skills got)
 The applicant's 4 color passport photos
 The applicant’s whole copies of the travel documents (passport)
 Income certificate in the recent three months
 Copies of asset certificates in the recent three months
 The good behavior certificate issued by relevant government agencies
 Self declaration of health conditions
 The applicant's authorization letter for the authorization of handling  the Second Homeland and financial documentary evidence
● The applicant together with the spouse and children (under 21 years old)
 All the documents required for the above individual applicants
 4 color passport for each family member
 The whole copies of the travel documents (passport)for each family member
 If the spouse accompanies, the copy of the certification of marriage certificate or the notarization is needed to be provided. If the children (under 21 years old) accompanies, the copy of the birth certificate or the copies of legal certification documents are needed to be provided.
 The statutory statement of the principal applicant that he/she undertakes all the fees and expenditures of the family members needed for residing in Malaysia.  
● Efficient medical insurance certificate held which is issued by any insurance company in Malaysia.
● One copy of personal loan bonds (need to make for each applicant and the dependent)

* The applicant needs to be responsible for the physical examination fee, medical insurance, visa fee, settlement certificate, air ticket and accommodation and so on own its own.

   Service charge: HKD50,000.00

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